Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 1: Day 1

I officially start my training program today although I have been running on and off for a few weeks. I am pretty proud of myself for training Saturday and Sunday despite the fact that my schedule was packed and my start date wasn't until today. The "old" me would have taken the weekend off!

Today was 40 minutes total, 30 jogging (really slow shuffling lol). I think I did around 3 miles but I'm not sure becuase I run off-road for a big chunk of the time. I am thinking of purchasing a Garmin. To be honest, I really want one now but I feel that it will be a good mini-goal to work for.

It was an amazing day! So warm! I was way over dressed and it was wonderful to peel away the layers. I felt good after my run and I even made fresh orange juice. I love how 4 oranges makes half of a glass of juice, but it is the BEST juice ever.

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