Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is coming soon!

Ahhh the signs of Spring- warm air, green sprouts of grass, the air has an earthy smell, and bugs. Yes, today a bug flew into my eye and I knew that Spring must be just around the corner.

I'm trying to get this whole blog thing down. It is going to be pretty boring to document the same training routine everyday and as a result I think that I shall just do a weekly training recap. I will post my training plan and unless I deviate from it I will probably not record the time and stuff everyday, just weekly. Who am I kidding this thing is boring anyway!

I didn't have any revelations while running. The weather was a warm 55 which feels like summer considering we had a blizzard two weeks ago and I was wearing a hat, gloves, and a million layers of clothes.

It's weird the things that you contemplate while running. I most often run music free although I will bring my mp3 player with me on longer runs in case of an emergency. Anyway, I was shuffling along and saw "play" money and for blocks there was a trial of pieces from the game of LIFE.


  1. Noooo you must post your times every day. Then you have something to look back on! At least do it for yourself. You'll be happy you did.

  2. Whenever I see random stuff like that, I think of different scenarios. Who was playing, why were they playing it there, or maybe some kid lost it and the wind blew it all over. I do the same thing when I look at the person's groceries in front of me at the grocery check out. At least it entertains me.

  3. Trevor- I was thinking of posting it all in a weekly recap. I definitely will keep a record of it so I can see if I improve at all.

    Tina- me too! It's really fun to wonder about stuff like that! If I run during dinnertime I can smell what everyone is cooking and try to guess what it is.

  4. Asheley,

    I definitely recommend keeping a record so you can follow your improvement. You say "if I improve." If you follow your plan, there is no "if!" You WILL improve!

    I started my blog as a training journal, really for myself. Once I realized that real people were actually reading it, I tried to make it a little less dull! I figured that runners may want to read times and stats, but other readers may find it boring. I gradually transitioned to posting more of a summary. Anyone who wants the details can click the widget and go to my log.

    I'm a stats junkie. So, just for myself, I keep a spreadsheet. Each run goes in a row. I have columns for date, miles, which shoes I wore, time, pace (calculated automatically from miles and time), temperature, humidity, heart rate, comments, etc. The information feeds cells that automatically calculate weekly, monthly and year-to-date miles, miles on each pair of shoes (so I know to retire them between 400-500 miles), and charts.

    My point is to keep a record, whether it is in your blog, in something else you create, or in an online journal like dailymile. It can be as simple or as obsessively detailed as you want it to be!