Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 minute miles

I have to make this brief. My poor hubby has been feeling mighty neglected with all of the running. In fact, BLOG may be a four letter word in our house. I had a fabulous day. I got the best $10 pedi with one of my favorite friends and of course laughed so hard I almost gave myself a headache. I did not return until 4pm which is late for me and I was not really feeling like a run. The good thing is that this has become a routine. My clothes and shoes are already laid out. I simply have to change and walk out of the door which I do no matter how I feel. I know that once I get out there I will want to finish. I told myself today that I would only run for 20 minutes but once I started I couldn't do any less than my usual 30. I even ran 10 minute miles today! That's right folks, I shuffled through 3, 10 minute miles. I was going so fast I scared myself haha. Overall, I feel stronger.