Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thank You Jeff Galloway

I have run on and off for years and always had dreams of running a marathon. I was serious about this in 2009 and got back on track with a regimen. Of course I let my life get in the way, my upcoming wedding and new job were good excuses to hold of on the marathon. Therefore, I told myself that in 2010 I would make it happen. In January I was excited, I had a trainning plan, and I was ready to go. Unfortunately, it just didn't work. After two weeks of trying to log all these miles and race around at work (see Background Info: never enough sleep) and run at home I was so tired! I ended up just sleeping for a whole week. I would work, come home and sleep, cook dinner, spend some brief time with my hubby, and sleep. Needless to say I was a little unhappy about the whole endever. I started to think that maybe I should just put it off again. Maybe when I had a better job or when I wasn't so tired. I knew though, that later would never come. I am the queen of excuses which is part of my problem in life! I have to stop making excuses for myself. Therefore, I spent a few hours at Border's books purusing the running section for anything that would work for me. I finally hit the jackpot with Jeff Galloway and his book Marathon: You Can Do IT! Sounds cheesy, I know. At first I schoffed this book and his notion of running/walking a marathon. I wanted to run a marathon. It doesnt count if you PLAN on walking/jogging right? Well, after much debate I reconciled with myself that this was proabably the only way I was going to do a marathon without hurting myself and if I didn't actually RUN the whole darn thing who cares. At least I will do it. The training plans are easy, only having one long run a week, and ecourage readers to go slow (awesome!). The more I read his book the more I became I follower of his philosphy; its more about the journey and enjoying what you're doing than having the fastest time. Let's face it, I wasn't going to set any records anyway! I always loved to run and I don't want it to become a chore. Anyway, I have been loosely following the plan for two weeks but once again I fell into the procrastination trap: I'm not going to run a marathon for like 7 months do I really need to train everyday? YES! This is why I started the blog. I am sure no one will really ever read it, I googled "running blogs" and I think there are literally thousands of people with the same goal and much cooler blogs LOL. Although there is something about just having it out there that I think will keep me on track.


  1. I believe you are onto something as far as putting it out there which makes you feel more accountable, at least to yourself. So maybe you don't want to train..but! I should do it with my writing, maybe I will, because somehow, trying to post a comment, I ended up with a blog spot of my own! I swear I don't know how this things happen1

  2. He is my guru! Good luck with your training.