Sunday, March 14, 2010

my master plan is working

My master plan is for other people to see me running and be inspired to get out and get moving. Therefore, I was very happy when my husband woke up and suggested that we go for a walk first thing this morning. I'm not sure what prompted this, it wasn't even nice out. In fact, we experienced crazy rain storms last night and it was still misting out this morning. Whatever the reason, we went on a great 40 minute walk. There were a bunch of downed tree limbs from the storms and random remnants from yesterdays St. Patrick Day's festivities. All in all it made for an interesting trip. Luckily, we returned home just in time to beat the severe weather that blew in. Shortly after we walked in the door thunder was booming and hail was falling! Since, it was Sunday I also did a yoga ab workout DVD. I cannot believe that my abs still hurt from thursday's core workout!


  1. ugh you are evil! I was just sitting here thinking that if I keep reading your blog I'm going to have to start running again lol

    you are doing an amazing job - I can't believe you ran in that crazy rain! I have to say your poncho skirt totally completed the look :o)

  2. LOL thanks J! you should just start and we can shuffle through races together with matching poncho skirts