Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shuffling is hazardous

My hip is feeling much better! I did some research and discovered that it is a fairly common injury and I think doing some strengthening and stretching will help in the future. Someone suggested a sports massage therapist which would be awesome! I guess if I could afford a massage therapist I wouldn't have to run in a poncho.

I shuffled through an easy 30 minute trek and strolled along on a 10 minute walk with my pup. I wanted to take it easy so as not to aggravate the ole hip. Everything was going rather smoothly, I even wore a green shirt for St. Patrick's Day. Before I continue I would like to add that if you have not read my profile I would just like to mention that I am awkward in all aspects of life, especially running. Not only do I shuffle, but I lean forward while maintaining a straight back and haphazardly swing my arms. All in all it must be an unsettling sight to those passing by. So, I'm floundering along when all of the sudden BAM! I am lurched forward, limbs flailing. It was only by Divine Intervention that I caught myself and didn't smash my face into the cement. I did a mental check: arms, legs, knees, hips, everything was okay. YAY! I looked back at the cursed piece of sidewalk that tried to foil my run, it was barely a blurb in an otherwise smooth facade. I realized that maybe if I picked my feet up when I ran I wouldn't trip so much. Then again what fun would my daily journey be if I couldn't shuffle along and enjoy the scenery?

When I returned home victorious over the sidewalk, I went through some yoga stretches. I was doing some relaxing breathing thing laying down with my arms in the air. When I brought my arms down I realized that I couldn't actually turn my left arm. It was stuck! I mean it was really stuck. Once I figured out that I didn't dislocate my shoulder or anything I decided just to bit down and force it to move, whereupon something cracked. Maybe not the best idea but it worked! I iced it just in case but everything seems fine. This is what happens when an awkward person tries to do yoga!

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