Thursday, March 18, 2010

MYRTLE hip routine

This is what my pup does when I do any form of workout at home. He brings his toys, puts them all around my "workout" area, and plays. This makes my workout a little more interesting to say the least. The other day I was doing the yoga boat pose and he catapulted onto my stomach to go for a ride. I should just put him in the other room but I'm a sucker for his cute antics.
It's another fabulous day! I was extremely busy at work which I would consider an 8 hour workout. Unfortunately, it's not in my training plan and I stuck with my XT regimen when I returned home. My hip was doing very well today and to make sure I was 100% better for Saturday's "long" run I only walked for 15 minutes and did some core and hip work. I completed the core workout with much less trauma than last time. Woohoo! I like to look in the mirror and pretend that I see muscles developing already! I also decided to get crazy and add a hip routine into the mix. On the advice of a very nice blogger from, I added the MYRTLE workout by Coach Jay. It is 12 exercises that increase strength and range of motion in the hip area. I usually detest any form of strength training but I enjoyed this workout. It consists of fun things like donkey kicks and leg swings, and there is even a video on youtube so I could see what every move looks like. My legs weren't swinging like the girl's in the video but now I have something to aspire too!

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