Wednesday, March 31, 2010

nice run

It was a pretty nice day out. The sun even poked through the clouds for a while. Hey, anything is better than the chilly monsoon we have had for the past few days. Wait, I think monsoons only occur in warm oceans. Either way, it has been bad weather wise and the roads were beginning to flood so I am very thankful that it has stopped.

Today I had a nice run. I'm finally at the point where it is simply fun to run for 30 minutes, even the hilly parts. Everything was working in fine symmetry. Don't get me wrong, I still shuffle and my form is atrocious but I felt strong and at ease. I really pushed myself up the last hill and was not embarrassed of the people gazing as they drove by. Usually, I feel that I must look like some type of female Frankenstein clodding around in running shorts but today I may have passed for someone who was trying to jog. All in all a good day.

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