Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 5 Recap and Sleep Update

Week 5 Recap: April 5- April 11

This week was a bit of a mess. By Thursday I was showing full fledged signs of sleep deprivation. For the full info see Background Info: Never Enough Sleep. I have been getting 6 or less hours of sleep for over the past month. Now according to the doctor, some people only need 5-6 hours a night, others need 7-8, I fall into the latter category. Can you tell that I have already had problems with this? I am usually pretty good about catching up on sleep on the weekends or taking a nap during the week but for over a month now I have just been going, going, going and I finally crashed. Early warning signs were the intense starch carb cravings i was having. Of course I think about pizza sometimes but I should have known something was wrong when I actually went out of my way to eat it on a Tuesday, in addition to wanting potatoes and white bread. Later in the week I was literally passing out for a few seconds/minutes at a time and my anxiety was starting to become slightly unmanageable. Not good! Finally, on Thursday I started to have a low grade fever, was barely moving at work, forgetting things, and I even thought I saw my dog run by in the living room in the morning even though he is gated in another room. That's when I knew that I desperately needed sleep. Thursday and Friday I took really long naps and went to bed early. I woke up feeling much better on Saturday and had the best run ever. I slept even more on Sunday and feel like myself again.


Monday: 30 minute run + 10 minute warm-up/cool down. It was really hot out today and I felt like I was going to pass out by the time I returned home. I guess I overheat easily. I am now going to bring water on every run no matter how short!

Tuesday: 40 minute walk. I was feeling super lazy today and could not force myself to do any form of DVD, ab work, or even my beloved Mrytle. I'm lucky I forced myself out of the door for a walk!

Wednesday: 30 minute run + 10 minute warm-up/cool down

Thursday: maybe walked for 15 minutes and slept

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 8 mile run! I forgot my start and finish times and I accidentally erased them from my Garmin (still working out the kinks) but I believe that I completed my shuffle in 1:52

Sunday: 30 minute walk & Myrtle


Monday: lets not even talk about what I ate today :/

Tuesday: today was even worse! I picked up pizza and garlic knots. oh well, at least I am still shuffling!

Wednesday: doing much better with my food choices. I did have cereal for dinner but that is better than pizza! I wrote this before I ate a box of Cherrio's

I gained a pound this week! Oh well! I don't even know what I ate for the rest of the week but I now know that the food choices in the beginning of the week were due to sleep deprivation.

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