Wednesday, April 7, 2010


WOW is it HOT out! I was not prepared for this kind of heat so soon. I assure you that I am not exaggerating, it is literally 90 degrees! Only a short time ago it was in the 40's. Running in this type of heat is rough. At one time I was happy to be home from work and running by 3 p.m. the latest. Now, I'm not having as much fun running with the blazing hot sun beating down on me. On the plus side, I am really glad that I brought water on my run because I might have passed out without it, and there was a breeze at times. For some reason my 30 minute run felt like hours. I started out okay, actually happy to be running, but became fatigued very quickly. From there on out I just took it nice and slow.

In addition I gave my pup a bath today! He's only 5 pounds and therefore fits nicely in the sink. I love when the weather is warm because I can give him a bath and take him outside to dry instead of torturing him with the blow dryer.

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