Thursday, April 29, 2010

vacay is upon us & an easy 6

I wish that I could think of better titles. I think that I used some form of the word "busy" several times already. I should basically just put boring. I mean with a title like that no wonder no one reads this thing!

This week I am supposed to do 11-12 miles for my long run. The problem is that we will be flying out early Saturday and I can't see myself running around a foreign island for 11 miles. I had originally planned on doing the long run today. I think I already wrote about this right? Anyway I had a normal work day, up at 3:15 am and doing a lot of lifting and physical work, ect. Plus, my wobbley knee is still unsteady! Who knows what this is? There is no pain, it just feel wobbly, weak, or unsteady. If I wear an ACE brace/bandage I am fine. weird. After my dad read about the knee on the other post he asked, "what the heck does a wobbley knee mean"? I honestly have no idea! It's just the word that pops into my head when I think about what my knee feels like feels like. Sorry. Anyway, I decided that I didn't want to do anything stupid and wobble my knee worse so I voted for a nice easy 6 mile run. It was great! who thought that almost 2 months ago I would be going for a fun 6 miles. The weather was perfect and it was super easy. I had to wear my ACE buddy and of course by the end my other knee was sore. Oddly enough the original wobbley knee (left) isn't wobbley anymore, just sore. Now I know why people take ice baths after they run! I have been icing every few hours when I am home so hopefully it will be fine for the trip. I am looking forward to getting in a few short runs, lots of swimming, reading, sleeping, eating, and relaxing on vacay! This may be the last post for a while. My phone will most likely not work on the island. James' phone will so maybe I will give a quick update.

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  1. I still read your blog!! I haven't updated in forever...busy busy here too!! :)
    Hope you're having a great vacation!!