Thursday, January 20, 2011

NJ Housewives

Last Friday night we went out for Heather's (Bebe) birthday. James had work the next day so we arrived to the bar early. Somehow we missed the sign on the door that said they were filming an episode of NJ housewives. Upon entrance we thought things seemed weird. First of all the place was lit up with a blinding amount of lights. Obviously we saw cameras but I thought that they were interviewing the band that was going to preform later in the evening.

(Bebe and I early in the night- notice how bright the place is)

Then recognized one of the bartenders but could not quite pinpoint where we knew him from. James thought it was someone's brother that he had previously worked with and briefly spoke with him. As he was talking to him I realized that we knew this guy because we watched him on TV! DUH! James realized the same thing as he turned back to me and we couldn't stop laughing at our stupidity. We started looking around and recognized other housewives and husbands from the show. It also dawned on us that we were smack in the middle of where they were filming! Luckily a table across the bar, away from the action was vacated and we moved to safer ground. So we could be in the background of an episode of the next season of NJ Housewives. On one hand I kind of get a kick out of this. On the other hand, I'm sure we look pretty stupid standing around like dummies behind the "celebrities".

(James later in the night- haha)

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