Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i am determined to start running!

I won't keep everyone waiting- Yes, I'm still vegan loving it!

The winter blahs have really been getting to me. Everything is cold, dreary, and boring! I started using my light box this week and I began doing my lame-o Turbo Jam dvd's but nothing was really doing it for me. Then, the other day my cousin Krystal left me a FB post about how I haven't updated my blog in a long time. This comment got me thinking (doesn't happen often!) and I realized that I'm not totally smitten by blogging and in fact don't like it when I'm not running. You see, when I spent hours upon hours a week running I was outside with nothing but my thoughts. I had plenty of time to clear my head and think about what I wanted to write. When I don't have that outlet for thinking I have nothing to write. I would just sit in front of the computer, stare at it, and ultimately log onto FB. All of this made me realize that I absolutely, positively miss and love running. I just do not feel complete without it. Some people run for health or weight loss, I ran because I truly loved it. So I decided today that I was going to start running even if it kills me. Don't worry, I'm taking baby steps. I went for a 40 minute walk, only 8 minutes of that were shuffling, I wore ACE braces on both knees, and I am icing them as we speak. Baby steps. Can I tell you, those 40 minutes were everything that I dreamed they would be! Definitely in the Top Ten things that I have done in the past few months. Sounds weird but it's true. My game plan is to keep that up for 3 days a week and slowly increase my shuffling time. My other days will be XT probably using Wii Active 2 or Turbo Jam. So that's it! All your prayers for a successful entrance back into the running world are greatly appreciated!

A quickie vegan update:
I have been having a great time being vegan! I dropped the 5 pounds I gained over the holidays with no trouble at all. The weight just fell off. Plus, my skin looks great! I have cooked a few things and they actually tasted good. Will I be a vegan forever? No. I will continue through January though and most likely continue to eat like this most of the time. We will just have to wait and see!

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