Thursday, January 6, 2011

mac again!

He is seriously cooking mac and cheese again! It smells so good. He hasn't even started eating and I already know that their will be leftovers. This is rough! But I digress...

It's only day 3 so I obviously haven't seen any remarkable results. I did sleep pretty well last night, only woke up once, and fell back asleep which was nice. It may sound weird but I am having a hard time eating lunch. In the past I have had a shake or fruit for lunch. Since my overall calorie count is low and food craving high I have been making it a point to eat lunch. I enjoy my veggie sandwich, it is actually amazingly yummy, but I just do not want to work after I eat lunch. I have always had this problem and in the long run I know getting in a habit of eating lunch will be good for me.

Another good thing I have been doing is having veggies or something around to eat when I get home. I made a quinoa salad when I came home with plenty of leftovers so I can have some for a snack for the next couple of days. It came from a recipe for couscous salad that I modified and could not follow so it's just quinoa, veggies, and Bragg's liquid aminos (I'll write more about this later) *I have to interrupt here because James is yelling from the kitchen about how amazing the stupid mac is* I think I am going to do some dishes whomp whomp


  1. now i want mac and cheese! and if you want to come to my house and do my dishes, feeeeeel free!

  2. HAHA HOOOO!!! I was just thinking about you! For some reason we were talking about your Jaws tattoo at work. Whats new! btw he is having mac again, right this minute