Wednesday, January 5, 2011

21 day Vegan diet

Those of you that know me or have read my blog know that I am almost always following one fad or another. This usually only lasts for a few weeks, maybe a month. Therefore, instead of fighting my natural instincts I have decided to follow a 21 day Vegan diet. While I was googling nonsense I stumbled upon this website It seemed really cool so I signed up for the newsletter and started the diet yesterday. Why start on a Tuesday? Well, I had leftover cheese, dairy, and pizza from my binge over the weekend. Let's just say that giving up cheese and things with dairy (ie chocolate), even for a short time, is going to be quite a challenges. For example, yesterday James made a big pot of mac and cheese and of course could not finish it. He then continued to beg me to eat the rest. AHHHHH! It was only the first day and already I was going crazy. But, I stayed strong and did not eat even one bite of that cheesy goodness. Hopefully it will all pay off and I will see measurable changes in my health!

this is the embarrassing part-LBS: 118.4

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