Thursday, May 13, 2010


I did not feel like running in the slightest and therefore decided to run anyway and attempt to do some hill work. Makes sense, right? The most enjoyable part of the whole matter is that I do not even know how to properly preform a "hill" workout. The following is what I did. I did a normal 5 minute walking warm-up then I jogged to a hill. I sprinted up the hill trying to be as light on my feet as possible. Then I walked down the hill. I did this for .90 miles/ 10 minutes but I am not actually sure how many times I went up and down the hill. It was pretty enjoyable and I almost threw up my Panera lunch. I'm not sure why I equate almost losing the contents of my stomach due to physical exertion, but I do. Oddly enough, I do not like sprinting on flat ground. I think this may have something to do with my running form. I feel that I have better form going uphill. I will have to look into this in addition to reading the chapter in my book about running hills. Its not really in my beginner program so I skipped that part of the book. Anyway, I jogged the rest of my 20 minute run and did my usual 5 minute cool down walk. The problem is that my right knee is now feeling weird. It started acting up at work today. I'm icing them now and hoping that both will be fine tomorrow!

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