Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back from vacay & back to real running

We arrived home from St. Martin yesterday! Booooo! I did no typical running on vacay. James didn't want me running around the island or even the resort by myself. It seemed perfectly safe, I even saw some other women running, but I didn't want him to stress out. I also couldn't make myself run on the treadmill. 30 minutes on the treadmill seemed like 30 minutes of time not spent enjoying the Caribbean. No way. I did run in the pool and in the ocean, and I swam a ton. Water running was really fun! My calves were killing me between walking up and down all the hills on the resort and running in the water. I run on my toes in the water which is how one is supposed to run I guess lol. Plus, when I say swimming, I mean swimming, not floating around on a raft or noodle. I would literally swim for hours a day in the ocean.

Yesterday, our flight landed in the evening and by the time we picked up LG from NYC it was way to late to run. Therefore, today was my first real run in over a week. I planned to do an easy 6, just to get back into the swing of things. It was a little awkward at first, I should say more awkward than usual he he, but then I found my shuffle stride and felt great. My body felt very strong in fact. All of the swimming and hills strengthened some key muscles I guess. I feel like my form was better as well. My knee was a little sore on the side but not wobbly or weak at all which was great. I can deal with sore but not unstable! All in all my run was a great way to combat the back from vacay blues. The woods were beautiful and changed so much in a week. In addition, it was nice to be back in some wild weather. Everyday was perfect in St. Martin, even when it rained it was only for 10 minutes. Today was insanely windy and the sky was enveloped in cloud cover. It made things more interesting. I felt good at the end but I'm glad I didn't push myself yet. Plus, we had nothing to eat for breakfast and no GU's but I did find an old LARA bar which I ate some of after the 3 mile mark. It gave me a good energy boost and seemed to sit well in my stomach.

Soon to be posted: vacay pictures!
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