Thursday, February 24, 2011

quick update!

I still haven't gotten use to my schedule. I've been working a lot, had some late nights, and haven't been able to fit blogging in. I have managed to get my 3 weekly runs in but I have been struggling to fit in my XT days. On top of that I have a sinus infection.

I'm still using my 2:3 ration for shuffling. I had planned on increasing my jogging a minute but I still have moments on my runs where my knees feel wobbly. I definitely feel much stronger and I have been going farther with each run so I do not see a need to push it. I feel like I am benefiting from my strength training and I am going to make it a priority next week. I plan on just doing 15 minutes 3 days a week. That is about all that seems realistic at this point.

I have been cooking some really great vegan things, eating too much bread, and I ate something non-vegan. Yeah, I just tried to slip that in, but I'm sure that you caught it. It was actually an accident. I thought for sure the first time that I ate something with an animal product in it, it would be pizza or a binge on chocolate. It was a stupid Quorn brand meatless Chik'n patty. When I was a vegetarian I ate these things as a special treat. They are marketed as being "meatless" and "soy free" and are made out of some type of mushroom protein. I don't have the box in front of me and cannot recall what exactly is in this thing. I do know that I was all excited to have a sandwich. I put my patty in the toaster oven, got lettuce, tomato, and hummus, then checked the back of the box to see how long to cook my patty. As I was reading the back of the box my eyes grazed over the list of ingredients. I hadn't checked this before because I knew they were not made out of meat and I could see no reason why they would have a dairy product in them. My heart almost stopped as I read the second ingredient: rehydrated egg protein. As I continued to read I saw the dreaded "contains 2% or less of the following: buttermilk powder, whey protein, concentrate..." I might have been able to pretend that those things were not really from animals except at the bottom it clearly states: "Allergic consumers: This product contains: egg, milk, and wheat products" AHHHH!!! At this point I could have just thrown the patty out but I didn't. I was hungry and I wanted to eat it, and it was delicious! I don't feel bad, I am following this diet for my health and I don't think the patty was unhealthy. In the future I will read my food labels more carefully.

next up I will have some posts about the cool vegan things I have made like crepes with strawberry sauce, Ranch style salad dressing, and corn and potato chowder. yum!


  1. i used to be vegetarian and ate vegan a lot of the time (though never super strictly). i feel bad eating meat now but its hard to me krak!

  2. LOL! I've never been a big fan of meat so it really isn't a big deal not eating it. I actually prefer veggie burgers. On the other hand, cheese and dairy were pretty tough. There are still times when I just want to shove a block of cheese in my face. I'm sure I will have dairy again in a few months, I'm just doing this to see what kind of an impact it has on my health and so far so good