Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Obviously I have been gone for a looonnggg time. I might fill in some of the gaps and I might just plug along as if I have been here the whole time. A short recap (because who really cares anyway) we went to Florida (loved), had a Hurricane named after my mom Irene (not so lovey), attacked by a Lupus flare up (stupid), blizzard Halloween weekend (weird), working a ton (really stupid), and here I am feeling surprisingly good.

Since the two of you who read this are probably wondering: Am I running and am I still a Vegan? The last time I ran was in September when the Lups got me and I was on the 'roids. I was totally out of wack and decided to take a break. I feel like I can start to get back into it now albet slowly (walking). As far as my diet, I have invented something called the Lupus Diet since everything has to have a label these days. People usually don't bother me with regards to what I eat if I call it that haha. It is primarily vegan, with lots of raw fruits and veggies, always vegetarian, but I eat whatever I want if we are out to dinner and I leave myself 1 day a week if I feel like eating non-vegan. Oh, and obvi Holidays do not count!

The boring recap is over yay! Here are some fun pictures from apple picking this past September! I uploaded them from my phone so they look all wacky and unformatted (is that a word?). You're lucky I even figured out how to email them to my blog so don't complain.

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  1. I've started running and I have always said that I want to want to run. and now I do and it's partly because of this blog. So good luck with getting back into shuffling.