Friday, May 20, 2011

where have i been?

WARNING!! The following contains a boring recap of what has been happening in my life for the past few weeks. I will try to be as brief as possible. This is also why I posted a funny picture of my favorite friends and I. If you get bored go back to the picture.

Everything was going just peachy with my health and running up until a week before we were to leave for my bff's Fawn's wedding in Florida. Side note: growing up I had a bff named Mary Kate so we were Mary Kate & Asheley and my other bff's last name was Patete so we were Little & Patete weird huh?

Anyway, I contracted a bad cold because everyone at work was spewing germs all over the place. Like my rheum said, "you're immune system is already going crazy so when you get a simple cold it is going to knock you off your feet" oh, thanks. Basically, I could barely do anything besides get to work. I don't even know how I packed. By the Grace of God my hacking cough diminished enough so that I didn't cause a riot of noise on the flight.

For the first day in Florida I still felt crappy but I swear the ocean heals everything because after a day of playing in the waves I was much better. The wedding was amazing, I loved seeing my friends, we love Florida, I fit a fabulous run in, and James and I want to run away to there soon!

Our return flight landed us home late and I didn't get to bed until 12. For some stupid reason I decided to work the next day which just set me up for a week of exhaustion. My whole routine was thrown off and I haven't gotten it back into place even though we came home the first week of May.

I literally haven't run since vacay and I just signed up for a 5k with my cousin. I'm so excited! I'm not worried about finishing it, 3 miles is nothing, but my time is going to be embarrassingly slow. Like 40 minutes slow lol. To be honest, I am writing at this very moment so I can put of my run for a little longer. I am going to shoot for 4-5 miles today. For me, the first run after a hiatus is usually great, it's the day after that I feel like I am dying. Did I mention that the 5k is in 2 weeks? yeah, I better get my butt moving!

I fell of the vegan bandwagon hard! I decided that for the last 2 days of vacay that I would eat whatever I wanted. It was great. The problem is that when I came home I was in such a funk that I couldn't stop eating garbage. This happens every time I come home from a vacay. I'm so sad to not be at the beach that I console myself with food. At first I didn't notice any difference in my health. Now, I feel as bad as the garbage I have been eating. No energy, aches and pains blah blah. So I will be back on the vegan path starting... tomorrow! Today is my day off and I have a great book and a box of cheeze-its with my name on it hehe.

I went back to my rheumatologist last week. I really like her and I am glad I finally found a good doctor. My bloodwork is still all over the place. Some things as bad some are good. According to the tests my type of Lupus is the reactive type which is good. Something happened to throw my immune system out of wack, such as a virus, causing the Lupus. She thinks that I will continue to get better and never have a major problem again. This type of Lupus is just the annoying kind causing joint pain, muscle weakness and pain, fatigue and other stupid stuff. Luckily, it is not the kind that affects vital organs. yay! After a long talk I decided to go on anti-malarial meds that treat Lupus symptoms. No one knows how or why it works but there are minimal side effects and in most patients it is very effective. If I am going to have this why not try to alleviate some of the problems. In addition, I am at the point where I am just tired of feeling like this and am ready to try something. I haven't really noticed a positive difference yet, it takes about 4 weeks for the meds to get in your system. On the flipside, I haven't gotten worse! Furthermore, I am on a mega dose of vitamin D for a month. Like most Americans, I am vitamin D deficient. This has nothing to do with Lupus but my rheum said it might make me feel better and its only a vitamin.

That is pretty much it. I have put off running long enough and I am going to hit the road before it rains!


  1. Glad to hear you're doing better! You will do great with the 5k!! I've been in a slump with the darn weather, but I go back to work on Monday so I'll have to work out a solid running schedule!! I wish I could do 4-5 miles!! You go girl! Good luck with getting back into the groove and I always like reading your blogs!! :)

  2. thanks! you will be doing 5 miles before you know it! Maybe we'll all do a marathon someday

  3. Hi Asheley! I'm a new site visitor and I'm glad to hear about your feats as a vegan and as a woman with much goals in life. You can do it! Go girl!

  4. My road to eating to improve my health actually started with a book my mother-in-law gave me from a retreat in Mexico called "Alkaline or Die" very powerful stuff