Monday, March 7, 2011

Who Cares What Anyone Else Eats?!

This is a rant!
I'm getting punchy
I work with this crazy guy named Dave. He always updates me on weird stories that have recently been in the news. I'm not sure if what he tells me is very accurate but it is entertaining. A few weeks ago he informed me that Americans hated other Americans more than anyone else. Amongst their top complaints were about what other Americans ate. Weird, huh? Based on my own experience, I actually think that this might be true. I cannot tell you how many people become upset about what I eat or do not eat. Seriously.

I just do not understand why anyone cares what anyone else eats. I'll be the first to admit that I am most likely in a vegan phase and I could be back to eating SAD (Standard American Diet) in a matter of months or even weeks. But that is no reason why people should be angry when I politely decline eating some foods.

I've been to a few social events since this whole vegan health kick. I never ask for special food or say anything about why I am not eating something like pizza. I just find something that I do want to eat. In addition, I always eat before I go somewhere. Not once have I felt deprived or "wished" I could eat something. If I really wanted to eat the pizza, cookies, or whatever trust me I would. Heck, I even had a piece of real cake the other day but that will be in a later post.

Those who know me, notice that I am not eating the foods that I used to love and they would start to question it. At this point I usually say that I am eating better for my health and if they keep bugging me I'll say something about not eating cheese and animal stuff. This is when things become weird. People, even friends, start going nuts trying to "make" me eat non vegan things. I just don't get it. Here is a good example: The other week I was at a charity event with a set menu. I had the vegetarian option that was covered in cheese. I was unperturbed by this, I honestly wasn't even expecting a meatless option and had been content with my salad. I managed to eat around the cheese never saying one word about anything when everyone else around me started freaking out that I wasn't eating the greasy slop in front of me. It got worse with desert which was a mini apple pie with ice cream. I had a bite of apples from inside of the pie. Instead of just enjoying their own dessert, everyone was exclaiming how they couldn't believe that I was not eating this. Frankly, it's annoying. I don't talk about what you are eating, so please let me enjoy what I am eating.

Here are some of the hilarious comments I have heard followed by things I wish I had said:

  • "You know vegan is not the same thing as vegetarian?"
  • "OMG are you serious!? I had no idea!!"
  • My son dated and moved in with a vegetarian and he couldn't stand it so he made her move out
  • "Oh man, I better start eating meat and animal products or my HUSBAND will forget the vowes that he took in front of God and our family, kick me out of our house, and divorce me"
  • "What does your husband eat?"
  • "um... whatever he wants to eat, he is an adult"
  • "You're not getting any protein"
  • "wow, I had no idea you were a doctor. Actually, due to the fact that I get regular bloodwork I can say that my levels of protein are excellent. What are yours? oh, you have no idea, huh?"

I feel so much better having gotten all of that out!

To end on a positive note, I will add that one of my co-workers gave me the best compliment. She said, "you know, you look really healthy. You seem to have so much energy lately" I thought that was so extremely nice. What a great compliment to give someone.


  1. I love your mean, scary punchy look ;)

    I feel the same way. Seriously, I am not FORCING you to eat my veggies/salad/raw foods/etc, why are you trying to force me to eat meat? Ugh. Luckily, I rarely encounter people like this anymore...most people don't question me about much, they assume I am some sort of freak and leave it at that, lol :)

  2. My mom gets weird around people when she finds out that they are on certain diets. Even if it's just that they are choosing to have lemon water over fruit punch, she assumes they are on some "weird" diet. Maybe it's a generational thing, because she's weird about a lot of things. lol

  3. exactly! When I explained that I was eating this way for health someone actually said, "You know your diet isn't going to cure you right hahah" well, it has made a big difference in the way that I feel and that's all that matters.

    Tina- I think you're right lol!